Nursing & the Gift of Simplicity

22 May

At its core, nursing is care, and caring is a dance, with ups and downs, rhythms and reels — balance, that is, and harmony. 

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The 9th Station: An Oasis for Losers

9 May

“A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t.”
~ Jack Dempsey

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Regrets? Relax the Mandible

14 Apr

“The Christian who seeks to purify himself of his sin
and to become holy with the help of God’s grace
is not alone” (CCC 1474).

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One Meal a Day: Reviving an Ancient Monastic Discipline

20 Feb

“Fasting is the helm of human life and governs the whole ship of our body” (St. Peter Chrysologus).

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Staying Married: Getting Beyond the Honeymoon Hype

2 Feb
“That I may love her with the perfect love of a perfectly whole heart, cause me to love Thee more than her and most of all. Amen. Amen” (Temple Gairdner).

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Raising Pro-Life Kids

11 Dec

pregnant mom and kid

I think this is at the heart of raising kids who know the sanctity of life: The witness of moms and dads who are utterly and unequivocally committed to protecting human life from conception until natural death.

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Pandemic Nursing School: Students on the Front Lines

6 Nov


“I have been able to show God’s love through my care. I pray for my patients and I truly empathize with them in a deep way.”

~ Gabi Reinoehl, nurse in training

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Dear Mayor Pete: A Testimony to Life

30 Jun


“Let no one despise your youth, but set the believers an example…” (1 Tim 4.12).

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Protecting Grandma After the Pandemic

22 May

“Is this not in large measure what it means to belong to a family: to burden each other — and to find, almost miraculously, that others are willing, even happy, to carry such burdens?”
~ Gilbert Meilaender

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Bl. John of Cetina & Bl. Peter de Dueñas

11 May

“Franciscans of Spain, they were sent to the Muslim kingdom of Granada in order to try and evangelize the inhabitants and were predictably killed.”
~ Basil Watkins

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