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All Hands on Deck: Of Kids, Confirmation, and Calamity

14 Feb

Many children, through the strength of the Holy Spirit they have received, have bravely fought for Christ even to the shedding of their blood.
~ St. Thomas Aquinas

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A Thousand Miles for Love

22 Nov

“I was quite taken out of myself and vowed a vow there to go to Rome on Pilgrimage and see all Europe which the Christian Faith has saved.”
~ Hilaire Belloc

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Fathers Stay Put: Of Paternity, Stability, and Canon 522

22 Sep

“Efforts must be made to restore socially the conviction that the place and task of the father in and for the family is of unique and irreplaceable importance.”
~ Pope St. John Paul II

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The iFilter: Taking a Cue from Big Tobacco

10 Sep

“I’m addicted to the Internet
because it’s more interesting than people.”
~ Dilbert

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Of Gerrymanders, Brain Death, and Birth Control

7 Jul

“The majority can often be wrong.”
~ Charlan Nemeth

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Of Facebook, Transparency, and Pentecost

23 May

“I see where they’re going with this.”
~ Brian Regan

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VSED: A New Form of Assisted Suicide

14 Mar

“You don’t grasp the beauty of the destruction of words.”
~ George Orwell

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