Of Creeds, Conversion, and Cribbing at Mass

11 Jun

“I’m not asked on a Sunday morning,
‘As of 9:20, what do you believe?’”
~ Jaroslav Pelikan

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One Response to “Of Creeds, Conversion, and Cribbing at Mass”

  1. pjkizer June 11, 2017 at 11:49 pm #

    Rick, I still struggle with the “new” version of the Nicene Creed; so I pick up the book from the rack in front of me and read from it – because I want to get it right, every time.

    But, I do have a problem with priests (I personally know of three) that somehow are able to say every word except “man”. I haven’t screwed up the courage (i.e., found the best words) to ask (“confront”) the one priest in my current parish why he does that (yes, I am absolutely sure he intentionally omits the word).

    Having been an altar boy, I had learned the Mass in Latin, and I still say the Apostles’ Creed, and other prayers, in Latin (in private prayer). And, I still prefer that Creed. Besides the Nicene Creed seems to gloss over Christ’s journey to Hell (proving in my mind that GOD is indeed, omnipotent).

    Yours in Christ,

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